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Training in speaking, team building, conflict resolution and stories that change lives.

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  • Be an outstanding professional speaker

    Network MarketersFear of Public Speaking

    Go to the next level of your career as a presenter and build your business faster. Instead of you chasing after clients, do public speaking at networking events, conferences and business events. It's the fastest way to spread your message  and magnetize just the right kind of people to you. Check out individual and group coaching here coaching programs.

  • Effectively deal with resistance to change

    Leadership Training

    Let yourself be inspired by Carla's keynotes and training programs. Increase people's capacity to manage constant change. Learn about the inner game of change management, personality styles during transitions, how to build greater resilience in your team, how to create a culture of innovation, how to have more fun at work, and how to have collaborative conversations that move teams forward.

  • Discover how to reprogram your own mind for success

    Full Creative Self

    Get the Change Artist mindset. Through coaching you can supercharge your creative capacity to enhance your career, income, health, relationships and life satisfaction. Choice Repatterning allows you to reprogram your own subconscious mind so that you can grow your career and happiness faster. 

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The Artistry of Change offers support for social innovators whose role is to activate greater creative capacity in individuals, businesses and organizations.

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